31 October 2009

He Gives Gladness For Mourning, Peace For Despair

After a morning at Oasis, we headed out to Discover to Recover. We had spent Thursday night praying and sitting with Patricia {who founded Discover to Recover} as she prepared to make the nine-hour drive to bury her husband in his home village. She asked that we please go to the center and spend some time with these grieving children, many of whom have just "lost their second father in their lifetime". {Ugh, that is such a heartbreaking statement}

Anthony, who is the House Dad for Oasis Boys House 3, mentioned to us last week that he has always wanted to visit Discover to Recover, but wasn't sure where it was exactly. So, yesterday, Anthony met us at Oasis and headed to Kibomet for an afternoon of trying to bring some laughter to these kids. He was incredible; he jumped out of the taxi and instantly in to the hearts of these kids...it was very sweet to see him care for kids that he wasn't responsible for, simply because he has a heart for broken children.

The school was closed, for mourning, and many of the kids that live at the centre had taken the day off from their school as well...so there were so many faces that I had only seen a few times. It was very, very fun to get to love on those that we don't often see.

Jordan teaching the kids to do the "exploding fist bump"
Stella {who works at the Centre} brought out a bottle of bubbles

Benja and Churchill

I was dizzy from blowing bubbles, so Jordan took over and finished the bottle
This little 10-year old girl spoke almost perfect English

About 15 minutes in, my camera disappeared with some of the kids and came back with some great pictures

I think this boy looks like he could be related to Steward from Oasis Boys House 2
I love, love Benja

See how much Anthony was loving it
Bre spent the afternoon with a few of the older girls, laughing and making a ring...
I love getting in the car and being so excited about what we just experienced...sharing stories of the kids whose stories we got to hear and share in, even if only for an afternoon...

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PETE Di LALLO said...

Your kids are the happiest looking kids I've ever seen...
last week I went to a Starbuck's with outside tables and chairs and a bunch of Junior High kids drinking coffee, talking on their cell phones and smoking...not a one had a smile on their face!