15 November 2009

One Saturday Night

After our tour of the town, the boys went to the Youth Meeting at church and we went to say goodbye to Discover to Recover. Bre and I painted nails for the entire 90-minutes we were there, Jordan was surrounded by 10-15 small children pulling his beard and taking pictures with Bre's camera.

Here are some of the best pictures from the centre:
Churchill {we call him Chachi}
Churchill and Benja
Stella put on sparkling lip gloss and then took this picture of herself
The man in the room {who works at the centre} taught the kids this pose.
This is one of about 25 photos of pointing kids.
After Discover, we went to House 2 for a final dinner. The boys wanted to cook "rice", but "the long, skinny rice...what do you call it? Oh! Spaghetti." So we had a GIANT pot of "rice"...6 packages for 17 people. {But only one jar of pasta sauce because Martin was the only Kenyan who wanted any.}
Joseph {I love that giant smile}
Bre started this thing called "snake bite". It is one of Stone's favorite things to do.
After dinner, the night turned in to a giant dance party. Bre and I danced with most of the boys {Kenyan dancing seems to be a bit like line dancing; everyone stands in a line and one person chooses the move that everyone will do. Most of the time, it makes things easier for me, then I don't really have to try to look cool--I just instantly look super white.} There are a few videos of this, but I'm not sure they would be fun for anyone who was not there...

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