07 October 2009

What A Wednesday!

Tonight was Part 3 of the Math Tutoring for the Boys Houses...we were down two boys tonight {Please tell Alice we are tired} and two of the others were responsible for cooking dinner...so, we really only worked on Math for about an hour...and we made about 30 chapati.

Then, of course, it came time for photos.

Moses told me I looked very handsome tonight...he also said that my parents must love me very much to allow me to come to Kitale so much. He said they must love to see me happy and want me to do all of the things that make my heart so happy.Martin was wearing a tank top and yelled "Oh, I'm cold!" {In Swahili} every few minutes
Bre and Stone finished preparing the chapati for dinner. I was eavesdropping on their conversation. Stone to Bre: "Will you choose who you will marry or will your parents choose for you?"
Super-hero Masks
The power went out and then the game became "make the craziest faces you can make so we will only see them when the flash goes off"
Stone and Moses
Me and Bre
With Moses {And Stone's mouth}
Ten pictures in, faces are a little more fun
Stone...the boys thought it was hilarious that we were both looking at him instead of at the camera
Moses rushing to join the pyramid {Martin, Stone and Justus}
Bre and the Boys {Martin, Moses, Stone and Justus}
Martin--finally grabbed a jacket
I love Joseph's giant, beautiful smile
Doesn't he look like a wax figure?
Today I realized that I have to remind myself, multiple times throughout the day, that I am in Africa. More often than not, I am hanging around in what feels like Orange County, with a bunch of friends and students...I love the comfort and ease of relationships here...


Julie Hibbard said...

Tell Moses he is OH so right...your parents DO love you so much and LOVE to see you where you are the happiest and most comfortable. I am so happy when you are there...cause I know you are so happy.
And, you are, indeed, very handsome!

Steve Rutenbar said...

wishin' i was you today...