05 October 2009

Oh, That Is Just Beautiful

After a few hours at the Oasis Centre today, we headed in to town for Math book photocopies {and a quick stop to say hello to Mr. Soy who asked if I still have the framed butterflies he gave me--like I would ever get rid of them--a grocery store owner in Kenya gives me his framed butterfly collection? I'm holding on to it!}

From town to Discover to Recover...100 kids cheering and clapping about the arrival of a taxi carrying friends. {Matt, everyone thinks Jordan is you...or, at the very least, your brother, because of the beard.}

Benja was hiding for the first ten minutes or so...and we finally found him. He was silent through our entire visit and would only sit with me for a few minutes. Of course, Ebby, her comforting self, says, "Oh, he probably just doesn't remember you"...cool...and completely untrue.

Post-Discover to Recover was Math Night at House 2. All of the Class 7 and Class 8 boys arrived after school and were given a packet of practice questions...They worked, in silence, for about 30 minutes...it was all downhill from there...

As you would expect with any room of teenage boys, they began to joke and tease each other, mumble mockery in Swahili under their breath, get up to "find a pencil" for the eighth time...

And yet, surprisingly, they were really productive. I have 20ish pages to correct tomorrow...call me crazy, but I love it.

Toward the end of the night, we're sitting around and Jordan begins to take some pictures. {Thankfully...since I consistently forget}

Martin, Moses and Steward Martin and Moses
A dining room filled with Math homework
My favorite part of the night:
Steward said: "Why did you come to Kenya in the first place?"
Me: "Because I loved you guys."
Steward: "But you didn't meet us yet"
Moses: "Ah, yes. She came to Kitale Forest"
Me: "Yes, I came with the team...to your school...it was actually Bram's story of wanting to be President...that made me cry and I knew I had to come back here"
Steward: "Oh, that is just beautiful."

I wish you could hear his silly Steward-voice saying that...in a combination of sarcasm and honesty...

Do you want to come here?
You can. We'd love to have you.
I'll introduce you to all of my friends.


Josh Treece said...

I DO want to come! I've wanted to ever since you and Katie came back from your trip at the beginning of '03!

CarolineInKenya said...

Oh Ebby. Next time you eat at D2R please "add me rice"

PETE Di LALLO said...

I get teary-eyed at almost every blog you post...tears of joy of your time in Kenya...we enjoy the beautiful photos, which reminds me of something that happened a few days ago...
Bum was reading your blog with Elijah on her lap and when he saw you standing beside a young boy he said:
"ME!!" He looked a little while longer then said :"NO, not me!"