04 October 2009

Sunday Morning Rain Is Falling...

Last year, our internet was s-u-p-e-r slow...we'd click open on an email, make a cup of coffee and come back to find it just opening. This year, thanks to Chris, internet here is just like in America!
All this to say, what I'm lacking in blow-dryer, I'm making-up in internet speed...so I guess it's all okay...{I'm really wrestling with my frustration with air-drying hair...it shouldn't be such a big deal, but I'm really bummed about it!}

Okay, okay...less about my vanity, more about Kitale.

This is Irene. Those of you who followed my blog last year may remember her as the little girl with crazy chiggers. {It should be noted that, until this morning--and even through about 10-minutes of googling, I thought it was spelled jiggers.}

Irene lived with her family in one of the Kitale slums, and attended the Oasis Centre. On Friday, I looked around for her and finally had to ask Geoffrey where she was.. he told me she is in school at Kitale Family and chigger-free...she sat and sang for us during our visit on Saturday and it was so nice to see her smiley face!Sunday morning, we headed over to Oasis Church in hopes of seeing the rest of the House boys that we hadn't run in to yet. {We've now seen everyone, but Paul, who evidently did not have clean clothes for church so he stayed home.}

After church, quickly became a photo-shoot...

Janet and "fearful of mzunguu" Verity
Amlango, Sarah, Anne, Hellen and Alice
Ajix, Hellen, David, Kamau and Amlango
Pastor Steve told us that we had to bring {and wear} helmets when we ride motorcycle taxis {piki-pikis}. Most of the Kenyans think this is hysterical. Moses laughed at me for about 5 minutes and then put it on and laughed some more.
We did the first of many Math tutoring sessions yesterday after church. I picked up some review books from Staples and the class 7 and class 8 boys {minus a few} went through to see what they would need some help with. Here are two of the three class 8 boys {Johnstone was sick and went to the hospital--seemingly more important than Math review}
Everyone else waited patiently until it was time to go.

David and Kamau--excited to finally be old enough to be trusted with our cameras.
Fun alternate-view
Last summer, Alice was so quiet and withdrawn...then yesterday, we get back to photos like this on our camera...I love it.
The kids can not stop laughing at Jordan's beard...they are amazed by it...
This is Irene's younger sister, Lucy...for you Torie Tash.
Mid-Math prep the boys said, "The rain is coming, can we please go?" and we all ran out, hoping to beat the rain to our homes. Bre, Jordan and I made it about three blocks and then were hit hard...
We stopped on the corner, under a shop awning {with about 15 Kenyans} and waited for the rain to subside. During the wait, we made friends with this boy, Edward. He is in Form 3 {Junior year of High School} and spoke beautiful English. He's hoping to study Aviation in America and go on to be a pilot.
After the rain, we went to town. We stopped for a super tasty lunch at the coffee shop {tuna sandwiches, British-style fajitas, a decent attempt at nachos} and then ran in to the grocery store for the essentials {coffee, sugar, beans, rice, corn...}

It was then time for our first piki-piki adventure. With helmets on, we were ready to head home. Of course, every person we passed looked at us like we were ridiculous and even Elijah, the driver, wanted to put the helmet on each of us and laughed and laughed as we got on.
We came home, exhausted from our day and fell asleep around 8. We're working on getting adjusted to this time zone, we just haven't mastered it yet.

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