14 October 2009

Baby When The Lights Go Out...

I've been tutoring three 7th grade boys and three 8th grade boys, twice a week since we arrived. We've worked mostly on Math, and a little bit on English. {I'm not great with Geography...or Christian Religious Education, for that matter}

On Monday night, we all went over and sat as they worked on a sample test...I typically will read a book until someone has a question, or something for me to "mark" {correct}.

In the middle of the testing, the electricity went out. This is, practically, a nightly occurrence around here. If it doesn't happen once or twice in the middle of the afternoon, it will happen, for sure, in the middle of the evening. Sometimes, if you're lucky, it will happen every few hours all day...and if you're really lucky, it will go out for about two hours around dinner time.

The boys roll with it, though. They grabbed some candles and continued to test.
I had to take some pictures because I couldn't believe they could see the test, let alone concentrate.
Stone asked if he could please move the candle closer to his face so we could really see him in the picture
I am amazed, every time I'm with them, about how much I love each of them.

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