04 February 2009

Ode to a Ringworm

Steve came in this morning, as we were leaving, and told me to sit down because he had written me a poem.

Here it is:

There are signs that mark our journey,
As we move from land to land
Some are told and some are written
Some in ink on back or hand

One such marking I will carry,
Of Kitale--home with me.
It's a circle--It's a virus
On my cheek, for all to see.

I won't cover or deny
This tiny 'O' upon my face
It will be a sweet reminder
Of these people...of this place.

I will never forget this journey,
Or the changes that I see.
Tho' this mark will some day fade, I pray,
I know, that these children stay with me.

I cried when he read it...HE cried when he read it.
And I cried again just now...

I love Steve. I love his heart for this place. And I love his constant encouragement and passion.
It will be a great last two weeks to have him here with us.


neely said...

i cried...who knew poetry about ringworm could be so emotional!

Julie Hibbard said...

How funny that it's six years ago exactly!! I love you!