12 February 2009

Oasis House Visits

After lunch, we split the vans and went to see the Oasis Houses. 3 vans to Kibomet (Houses 1 and 2) and 3 vans to Shimo La Tewa (House 3 and Girl's House 1). I went with Geoffrey to Shimo while Daina took Manu and Joseph out to Kibomet.

We stopped at the Boy's House first...it was a little awkward for our students (and, I would imagine even more so for the house boys) as we sat in silence for a few minutes...I was trying to get the house boys to rap for us, which they finally did, but at first, they just stood there...so out of character for them...especially Isaya.
After a visit with the boys, we went to the Girl's House. They were much more animated. They asked to hear our names and even sang for us...which was really fun.
We gave shirts, hats, school supplies and a few toys to each house...the girls also got new sandals...they really scored.
I work for PDYM, so giving them some Student Leadership Conference shirts was so fun! Bella said to Jana, "Mommy, isn't that Daddy's design?" Sarti Design is all over Kitale...

We left the houses and went down to see the Shimo La Tewa well (which I always want to call "Shimo La Te-well", but I'm not sure that would translate well (pun intended)...

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Leigh Sarti said...

They love my work in Kenya... it's all about the English roots.