16 January 2009

Playing Catch-Up

We've been running around like crazy this last week...and because of that, we've taken very few pictures. Each day is filled with activity, but from the photos, it seems the same as the last six months of days...so there's not really a need to post about each day...

And so...here are some highlights from the last week:

Andrew's first day at Kitale Forest Primary...He was at Purpose-Driven Academy, but he is now at the public school with the Oasis boys. (We didn't fund his change, we were just able to take him to the school)

Irene and her half-kinyozi...they were testing the blade and then she ran off to play...the kids were calling her Kibaki, which isn't a bad call...
We dropped some socks off at Purpose-Driven and waited 45 minutes to pick up a receipt for school fees...so we took a few photos while we waited.

Ibu (the school secretary said she wants to take Ibu home to her family during Christmas break because he is just the cutest thing.)
Irene...she asked maybe five times when Katie was coming back to see her...

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