20 January 2009

Hot (day) For Teacher

Primary School teachers in the Kitale region (and beyond) went on strike yesterday in hopes of a pay increase. After one week of school, the kids were expected to go home and await the settlement. No way were we sending our kids home to hang out and cause problems!

Geoffrey called the house parents and told them to have their kids report at 8:30am. Uniforms, books, ready to learn.

Our part of the agreement was to help teach classes 7 and 8. So, Daina and I split up the subjects: she took Social Studies, Science and CRE (Christian Religious Education) and I took English, Math and Creative Arts (talk about a split between right and left brain)...

We arrived a little after 9 (you never know, these boys might think 8:30 means around 10) to every kid fully uniformed and ready to learn.

Note: the pictures are all out of order, which kills me, but our internet is so hit and miss, I'm worried about losing the entire post...so please, forgive me for this rookie post.

The staff set up a few make-shift classrooms in the storage area and we got right down to it.

Daina taught 7th grade Science to a class of 7...and then, after break, jumped to Social Studies.

I taught my 3 Class 8 boys. First Math and then English.

They were phenomenal...I did little teaching and a lot more hinting...they would complete a problem, but have the wrong answer, not because they didn't understand how to do it, but because they were racing their brothers and made small mistakes along the way.

I had only a student book, so I was working the problems with them...the best part of the day was when the three boys had the same answer but mine was different...I looked at theirs to find the problem, but they found it first: I had multiplied my fraction incorrectly...they were so excited to teach me.

Then, I tried to have Martin "gota" (give knuckles) for a right answer and Johnstone was quick to tell me, "Teachers do not gota"...but when I belched after our snack-time soda, they all laughed and mumbled something in Swahili (it sounded a lot like, "we've never had a teacher do that before!")

Martin, Johnstone and Justus

After Math we worked on English...completing the sentences, adding post-sentence questions (ex: She is milking the cow, _________? Ans: Isn't she), and some present progressive words.

I loved it...and, even better, they loved it...Johnstone kept telling Martin, "good teacher, good teacher"

The Class 7 students loved working with Daina (who even assigned some homework!), but are also very excited to switch to Math and English tomorrow...I am really excited to teach them as well...


Julie Hibbard said...

And you thought you'd never use that math you learned!! That English degree is really coming in handy now, isn't it!!!
I love a belching teacher! They will be telling stories of you for the rest of their lives Allison!

TheHuntsAreRad said...

Cool shirt dude.