09 December 2008

There Are 15 People In This House and You're The Only One Who Has To Make Trouble

On Saturday morning we invited all of the house kids (about 28 of them--give or take) to meet us for a movie at the local "movie theatre". The theatre is connected to the coffee shop (where we studied Math a few months ago) and internet cafe. They showed up in groups, curious to see what it was we were going to do...they weren't too happy when I told them they were here to study all day...We bought them each a soda and waited for the rest of our friends to arrive.

Sooner than later we started the movie. What better way to introduce the Christmas season than to watch Home Alone?! This shot wasn't intentional, it just so happened that I took it right at one of my favorite lines.
After the movie, we met Steve at the grocery store to do some shopping for home necessities (new frying pans, some dish soap, sugar...just the basics)...While we waited for the boys to make it through the checkout line, I took a few photos of Steve with the child-size shopping carts.
Three hours later (no joke), we were home, unpacking, washing the new dishes and finally relaxing.

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