19 December 2008

Take A Picture, It Will Last Longer

Mr. Stone

Wiki Got Style

Teresa and Wendy
Irene, Jennifer, Brenda, Kamau and John
Keya, Isaya, Ebu, Irene, Jennifer
The little guys...we're trying for a "jumping" picture, but--even with a translator--we couldn't make it happen
Cute Kamau
Taabu and Ayo
When one sees a camera, they all come running...when they hear "ready? one, two, three" they swarm.

Cute Teresa
What a show-off

This girl begged me to take her picture and then when I said, "smile", this is what she did.
Oh, Rotich
Rael did not want to take a picture with me...or at all...she said she wasn't pretty enough to be in a picture...typical teenage girl, right?
She, instead, insisted that I take a picture of Elizabeth because "she's really pretty"
This is Moses. Moses was in the original boy's house 3. He ran away to Nairobi, was put in jail and then, a year later, made it back to Kitale. He was very, very sweet yesterday...and I had just met him. He asked me about Lydia...he said "She's my mom" and then asked if I go to Saddleback Church when I'm in America.

Kamau being a velociraptor? (Makes me want to watch Jurassic Park)
All I can think when I see this picture is "You know we don't care at all...just get caught up when you're up against the wall"...anyone?
Mom: Salute the flag. Salute the Bible. Salute Kenya...

The faces of enjoyment when they see the photos we've taken is unbelievable.
Naptime? Maybe just for the grown-ups...
All of this craziness is going on around them and these two guys are just hanging on a bench in the shade...if only they had been playing chess, then they really would be two old men.

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Julie Hibbard said...

SO SO SO adorable! Salute the flag! Salute the Bible! Salute your shorts!
LOVE these so much!!!!
You're gonna be bored when you get home, you know that?