25 December 2008

Christmas On The Equator

After I decorated the house, and Daina came home in excitment, she prepared dinner for 14: 6 Kenyans, 5 Ukrainians, 3 Americans...three chickens, mashed potatoes, two Ukrainian salads, corn...and even some Ugali for Ayub and Cleophas.
We went around the table and each shared one thing we are thankful for...and we ate, a lot. And tons of dishes after
Teaching the Ukrainians the art of motion photography...keep moving until the timer goes off
They didn't really grasp the concept
Trying to take our Christmas family picture...
That's better
With our Christmas decorations...and the painting of the Kitale Club
I wish Andrew was looking in this picture because I think it's the best of me and Daina
Then the too-many-pictures feeling kicked in...

One more: The Ukrainian Family picture (minus Tanya, she went to sleep)
This was just our Christmas Eve...but it was very fun. It didn't feel too homesick in the house.

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