20 November 2008

Oh, Well Done, Brierleys

We lost Katie and Ryanne on Sunday, but gained Pete and Becca on Monday.
I have known Pete and Becca since I lived in London. (I was going to say I've known the Brierleys since I lived in London, but they weren't the Brierleys then). Pete is an amazing youth worker and Becca is an unbelievable singer/songwriter. These two have housed me (and Matt Jensen) multiple times in the last few years...and so I was really thankful to finally be able to return the favor.

The Brierleys are on a one-year trip around the world that began about three weeks ago. On their way from Uganda to Tanzania, they stopped to see Kitale (and me).

We've had a great week together. Tonight, they head out for a 30-hour bus ride to meet Becca's brother who has been working in Tanzania since July. Please be praying for their safety and sanity as they travel.

You can read more about their adventures here...

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