23 November 2008

12 Weeks

When Katie and Ryanne left, we were calculating how long it would be until we saw each other again. It had been 16 weeks since we'd said goodbye in CA.
It's been 1 week since they left.
Chris leaves in 3 weeks.
The team will be back in Kitale in 10 weeks.
I will fly home in 12.

I've already been teary-eyed a few times thinking about how quickly that time will go by.
How soon I will have to say goodbye to these kids that I have grown so attached to.
About the fact that this giant step in my life will be behind me.

It seems like a long time, but it's flown by so far...who's to say it won't go faster now?

I'm excited to go back to CA...to see my friends, family and students I have missed so much...to use a washing machine and drink some pasteurized milk...but I will miss walking to Oasis and seeing smiling faces; the specific faces I'm seeing in my head as I type this.

It's been a really strange week as I begin to process leaving...
I'm not sure what this means...just thought I'd share what I'm thinking.

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Jackie Gillen said...

Dearest Allison.....thanks for having so fun with Matthew!
I too have been sad for you all as my thoughts insantly went to the farewells. They are hard for me too. Whenever you share your heart, you leave a little piece of it. God has a plan for all of this, the fun/hard part is to find out what that is.
See you very soon.....
Jackie Gillen