26 October 2008

Three Months Later

Friday was not only my birthday, but it marked three months of Kenya life.
At first I was calling it half-way, but the more I thought about it and did the math in my head, I realized that Daina and I are here for just about four more months, so halfway is around the time Katie and Ryanne are here to visit.

All this to say, three months…wow…it’s been that long? I can’t remember a time that three months has gone by this quickly (oh wait, prepping a conference, helping launch C-Groups, the opening of The Refinery…most of youth ministry life goes by this quickly…)

When I lived in London, this was the home-stretch for me. I had a long strip of masking tape on the wall above my bed with a countdown that I checked off each day…I was extremely homesick and ready to return to life in CA…and once I was home, I realized I hadn’t really experienced life in London because I had been so distracted by missing what was happening at home.

I have told each of my parents…and a few other friends that I am trying so hard to make sure that I am actually here during this trip…and, despite moments of homesickness, I think I’ve accomplished this so far. I know that I’ve felt God’s reassurance—every day—that this is where I am supposed to be…that this is where He’s called me. For now...

It feels appropriate that, at this three-month mark, I should feel just about half-way to knowing what God is calling me to do next...

This post is long enough already...and I know that if it's too long, it will go skimmed or unread...so I will share more tomorrow...


Julie Hibbard said...

I am so glad you are THERE. BE there. I know you are missing certain things here (Starbucks, McDonald's, bowling!) but you are truly missing a lot of other things too--like banks going out of business, everyone losing their job and the housing market being in the worst shape in history.
You are there at a good time. You are missing the election too! Crazy craziness for sure!
LOVE the time there. It WILL go by and you will miss those times when you are back here in your warm house, watching TV on DVR with a frappachino in your hand.
You will. You know it too.
Love you so.
It was so great to talk to you today.

Steve Rutenbar said...

Hey Allison
How about 'YIP' and 'YAP' for the puppies names...I tried biblical and human and Ukrainian names and they all felt...naaahhhh...
As far as which is yip and which is yap...have a contest with the Oasis kids...
I miss and love and pray every day for you.
Love, Steve