25 October 2008

Mathletes In Action

I've been tutoring some students in Math...(I think, through many posts, that's pretty clear).

I spent Thursday making photocopies of some cumulative worksheets from the back of the textbooks...then, since there are no answers in the book, I did each of the worksheets myself to have the answers ready. (Only three grades at about 22 pages each...it only took me about ten hours)

When Chris and Daina came home that day, I felt a little foolish for having spent so much time on 5th and 6th grade Math. I could hear some logical thoughts in my head: "you're wasting your time...they don't even really care."

Then, this morning, as I was laying around watching Alias, three girls showed up at the door with their Math books, pencils and paper...they said, "We're learning today, right?" Since I was in pajamas and realized I hadn't made enough copies, I told them to meet me later on...and Chris and I ran to town to finish copies (and buy dog leashes, but that's another story).

We met at Lydia's and the girls worked on Math while Chris lead a boy's Bible study and discussion...then, Moses arrived with a clipboard of papers--old Math tests that he had marked the questions he needed help with.

I gave the packets to the kids with instructions to finish as much as they could before we meet tomorrow. During dinner, I got a phone call from a few of the boys asking questions about the Math homework.

I have, literally, never been as excited for end of the year exams. If test scores go up--even two points each--that will make this so worth it...


Julie Hibbard said...

Good for you!! And good for them! They love and appreciate you so much! Who knew your love of MATH would help so many people in Africa???
Love you!
I still can't even balance a checkbook! Obviously your math skills came from your dad!

Mama Oasis said...


What you are doing is so amazing. Don't get discouraged...I KNOW that at least some of them care and I KNOW that you are making a difference. I am not going to sugar-coat it and tell you that you will change every single one of them. I have been down that fantasy path myself...and it is a dead-end.

I can tell you from many years of personal experience there that you will get discouraged and that some of the kids will do things and make decisions that will hurt your heart for a while....but, you just keep going. Like Geoffrey says, "If we change one life for the better...if one kid grows up to be a responsible, self-supporting citizen...then we have done a great thing."

Honey...you are doing a great thing. You are making God smile and you are making me so proud to have you be a member of the Oasis of Hope family.

Love you....