08 September 2008

What If Kenya and California Were Neighbors?

I just got an email from my friend Katie. She's engaged!

Now, I knew (I had heard from Brandon--her fiancee) that the proposal was coming soon...I knew the ring had been chosen, I knew I was going to miss it. I cried at least three times before I moved thinking about it happening when I wasn't there...and all of the plans that will be laid before I get home...

But, actually missing it is way more difficult than knowing I was going to miss it.

Right now, in this moment, I wish I could go home...for one hour...and see my friend's face and see her ring and hug her tiny frame and celebrate with her.

All I know is that this is just the beginning of the wedding things I will miss with Katie...

I'm really wishing Pangaea were still around so I could drive home for wedding dress shopping and cake tastings...and then come right back here where I know I am supposed to be. See how easy that would be?Katie and Brandon...I love you both! I wish I were there to celebrate, but you'll have to take this as my excited cheers! I can't wait to be there on your wedding day...I can't wait to be part of your life as a married couple!

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Mama Oasis said...

If California and Kenya were neighbors.....I could commute to work in Santa Ana and still have crazy dance parties with the boys in the kitchen while we washed the dishes after supper.....and that would make life a beautiful thing!

Miss you, miss them...miss Kenya