11 September 2008

Little Baby From Planet Weird

Daina loves this baby...his name is Elia. He's kinda cute, but also kinda looks like an alien.
We said it to Richard today and he said, "Oh, yeah! He does!"

Then, later on, I asked Elia a question and Richard said, "He can't understand you...he's from another planet"

Oh Richard!

He looks the most like an alien when he smiles...Right?!


Josh Treece said...

AHHH!!! He does!

dianasaur said...

oh my! he is alien

NoBadDaysCourtney said...

oh I love him! Please refer to him as ET from now on!

Julie Hibbard said...

He's cute.
And, Chris is adorable looking at him too...
Richard is hilarious. I can hear you saying, "oh Richard..."