23 September 2008


Last night, Daina and I prepared the corn part of an African dish called Githeri (beans and maize boiled together--very filling and very delicious).

Geoffrey and his wife (and daughter and brother and nephew and friend) were over for dinner and took a minute to teach us how to pick the kernels off of the corn cob to make really good, fresh Githeri.

So, while watching the end of Wedding Crashers (Geoffrey's wife's choice of movie), Daina and I de-kerneled about 6 corn cobs. Now, you have to take a picture when you do this because it is something you've never done before...and something you probably won't do again...

I hope this Githeri is delicious because removing the kernels was a lot of work!


dianasaur said...

you are so punny!

Bethany said...

Oh man, the corn bunny picture you sent me made me laugh SO HARD!

Thank you for that! Just what I needed during all of this C-Group craziness!

Love ya, and miss you tons!!!