01 August 2008

Purpose-Driven Academy

We spent the day at Purpose-Driven Academy...the first Purpose-Driven school in Kenya. It is part of Deliverance Church. We started the day really early so we could be part of their flag-raising ceremony. They raised the flag, did a scout presentation and sang as a school...It was unbelievable!

After the flag raising, we broke in to a few groups and did some teaching. Steve and I tried to make it around to each group to say hello and sing "Trading My Sorrows"...Steve made Chris break-dance for his group. (I think we have a video that I will try to post later.)

The small group teaching lead to an all-school assembly. We introduced ourselves, sang songs, danced, heard a brief history of the school and then handed out the de-worming medicine to each student.

We gave out a million stickers and necklaces and sent the kids out for tea.

Each of our team took tea with one of the teachers...and then we got to introduce our teacher to the group. I made friends with Titus who is an English and Biology teacher and the school Pharmacist. After tea time, Titus took me around to the classes he teaches where I was able to answer questions ("Do you have HIV/AIDS in CA?" "Do you have special schools for people who want to become musicians?" "If you married an African, what would your baby look like?"), I also learned some dance moves, played "Father Abraham", and laughed a lot.

As a team, we ate sandwiches in the teacher's lounge and debriefed the morning...

On our way home from the school, we stopped at Gigamart to begin stocking our pantry for when the team leaves. (pasta, rice, black beans, cookies, drinking chocolate)...we'll buy perishables when we return from Nairobi.

I miss home, but it's not over-whelming yet...there are just funny moments in the day when I think about certain people or think "I wonder who's coming over tonight"...


Ryan said...

Deliverance Church is amazing. Pastor Moses is such a awesome speaker. Memories last forever, Good Times!

Tyler R. Shannon said...

Do you think about me and how we didn't say goodbye? Because I do.

de(von)licious said...

dear alice i am soooo stokeed for what you are going to do in this time.

you are great.

Our Tribe said...


Glad you are alive!
We miss you already!
Can't WAIT to hear about all the stuff already happening that you aren't willing to blog about yet.

Stacie Maslyn

Suefalla said...

soooo gooooood to hear from you!!

much love,

The Tafalla's

mdelaine said...

wow im with tyler i did not get to say good bye either...but it sounds like your having fun already

Ange said...

I LOVE the purpose driven academy! My favorite kid in the world is there...I think about him a lot and miss him soo much.

Glad to hear your trip is great!

Julie Hibbard said...

I feel like I was there!
And I am so glad I was!
Love you...
enjoy your time there...it will fly!
PS We sang chapati songs all the way home...and had a blast in Amsterdam. We missed you.
Love you so.