07 August 2008

It's 11am...Here's What's Happening Here

We've decided to take a day off before jumping in to our normal routine. So I am cleaning out my email inbox, trying to upload some photos to myspace and crying a bit in-between because I think I am hitting my first real spell of homesickness.

So far this morning, Chris has learned to shoot a bow and arrow...and then taught Caroline...and attempted to teach me, but I let go incorrectly and gave myself a pretty decent-sized welt on my forearm.

Then, Caroline and Chris held a chicken still while James cut the head off...Then Caroline had to hang it upside down to drain the blood. Ayub (the grounds-keeper) brought the dead chicken inside (in a bowl) to cover it with warm water so the feathers would come out easier...yikes does it smell.

Now Chris is learning to do laundry in a bucket...and I'm hoping he will learn and can teach me...

Pictures to come...I promise.

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