30 August 2008

Oh, Hello...I Miss You

We spent yesterday with the Oasis House kids (again). I can't even explain how much we all seem to love these kids. We came home telling stories about funny conversations we had with certain boys or girls...and then laughing at the fact that we know each one of them and love them for who they are.

I was thinking, I love being here...I love these students...I love that they love me...I can't believe I will have to say goodbye to them when I go back to CA...and then I started thinking that I'm used to this kind of love...I'm used to knowing and loving students and knowing that they love me. I'm used to really wanting to keep up with their lives.

I want them to be my little brothers and sisters so that they always are a part of my life, so I will always see their faces, always hear them laugh, be invited to their weddings or baby showers...

As I started telling Daina about my students back home, I started to cry...

So, CA students...this blog is for you. I don't have photos of each of you, but I do miss you and think about you everyday. I can't wait to come back and hear all about what's happened while I was away! I love your guts!


ali said...

frick. i just cried! i miss you so much, alice. so so so much!

Tyler R. Shannon said...

aw eff. thats so attractive of me.

Christine.Marie said...

dang it,
i'm totally crying right now.
i freaking miss you so much,
it's ridiculous.
i love you,
and i'm starting high school today,
i've been thinking of you. a lot.
i love you a whole lot.

Our Tribe said...

your ca students love & miss you.
you're doing God's work though... and your student will all still be here when you get back and OH what a reunion it will be... and what stories you will tell.
We are all so proud of you and miss your face.