29 August 2008

I'm On the Road...to Discover to Recovery

There is a center near our home called Discover to Recover. It is run by a woman named Patricia and her husband Francis. Patricia is HIV positive and has been working hard to help children that are infected with or affected by HIV and AIDS. There are about 30 children in her home, various ages, some who have been orphaned, others who have been abandoned. They are all such smart and beautiful children.

On Fridays, we will spend the day at the center: loving on the children, helping to cook and clean, assisting with budgeting or filing...really whatever they need.

Today, we took the kids "for a shave" (which meant taking them for a haircut). So, we were each assigned two kids (although Chris was assigned about nine teenage boys) to oversee as we walked through the community to the Kinyozi (person who shaves heads).

Here is the little boy I was assigned: his name is Benja. When we arrived, he was waiting for his bath, so he was completely naked...he has the tiniest little bottom and the biggest belly...seriously, the cutest little Kenyan boy I've ever seen.

This is Elias. He and his little brother, Churchill, live at the center. He has an unbelievable story that I have only heard part of...I am anxious to hear the rest as we continue to visit. This is the perfect picture of the relationship Francis and Patricia have with the kids...They love to laugh together...and care for one another...They are one big family...and it is so obvious in the way they interact.
Boys are the same, evidently, everywhere...They all love to pose...and goof around. Within minutes of being with us, they were already joking and laughing with Chris.
These are some of the girls from the center (the white girl is one of the Ukrainian women that live on the compound with us). The girls were so kind, so polite...
I sat with their newest staff member, Josiah, to talk about creating a budget and files for each of the kids. He then shared his story...I love to hear people articulate their faith...

We left Discover to Recover excited to return and continue to serve alongside of them. I know that God has been blessing their ministry in big ways and I can't wait to see how He continues to do so. I hope He will use me to play some small role in this place.

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