08 August 2008

Oh Eight, Oh Eight, Oh Eight

Steve took us out on an adventure today. Sandy Green and her small group donated money to the Holy Cow program to give a cow to the Sawa family. (Patricia, the mother, is currently in Mexico teaching at the HIV/AIDS Conference with Kay Warren).
So, this morning, our group walked the cow to the Sawa's house. It was quite a walk, but very fun. We walked and walked, through the fair grounds, through a few communities, taking turns leading the cow (or being pulled by the cow)...When we arrived, we were greeted by the Sawa children. We presented the cow and prayed for the family...then we went inside to see the renovations that are in-process (flushing toilets, running water, shelves...it's beautiful).
James took a look outside and told us that if we were going to beat the rain to our next location, we had to be going. So, we took off in a hurry (well, some of us did). We walked about 3 kilometers to ICM (the local seminary). And stopped at the Maziwa School on the way. It began to rain when we were close to the school, but we still were wet...not as wet as those at the back of our group.
We sat in a gazebo and spoke to one of the heads of ICM and Radio Imani (the local Christian radio station). He said that we can have a call-in radio show one evening this week. He also said that they have been playing the CD of my music (from the Wildside and Crave CDs) during the English shows each evening...awesome.

We caught a cab to the local market so Steve could introduce our friend Scovia to the manager (she was hired and starts work tomorrow!) From there, we came home to eat chapati and relax. I had a chance to catch up on the 600 blog posts I had yet to read. (only 150 to go!)

Our group was invited to dinner at Bud and Kimberly's house (a couple from Texas who are here starting a few group homes for children). They made steak, mashed potatoes and baked beans. We talked about how they met, what their plans are...they invited us over again for a women's Bible study and for a refuge for Chris (to watch soccer and play Wii--some time away from all of the girls)...they have an 8-month-old son that we played with...it was a really fun night.

Now, we're watching Tommy Boy...our group is heading to bed one at a time, but I was determined to blog before going to sleep, otherwise I get too far behind!

Tomorrow...our first Kenyan wedding! I am SO excited!


Ryan said...

I am so glad that you are having such a good time, it makes me happy.

Julie Hibbard said...

Yeah! So fun!! Love Patricia and that whole group! Was it Sandy's chicken that you had for lunch?
How are the Ukrainian woman doing? Is Misha still around? SO wish I was still there...I LOVE the adventures!!