22 July 2008

I'm moving to Kenya today.


Jaclyn Parker said...


ans i am also praying.

a lot.

love ya alice :)

Tyler R. Shannon said...

yo, listen here. you need to call me before you leave. word

Allison Murray said...


Ryan said...

Forgot to give you a hug and say bye, her is my blog hug! I will be praying for you.

Bethany said...
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Bethany said...

You've been gone for 20 minutes and I miss you already!

Love you so much!!!

kayla rae said...

Yes, actually...
I love you!
And I am trying to figure out Skype, so let's hope it works.

Our Tribe said...

The Maslyns love Alice!!!!
We miss you already!
We will be reading your blog all the time... we can't WAIT to hear what God is going to do in you and through you starting NOW!
I want to send you a Maslyn kid picture... what's your new email address???
Love you.
The Maslyns

Suefalla said...

I need an update!!!

How are you??????????????