18 July 2008

The American Dream

Tonight was the last evening session for our Student Leadership Conference (mentioned in my previous post--which is, pretty much, my whole life right now).

Francis Chan spoke on Honoring God.

I went in to this week slightly hoping for a sign that I was not supposed to go to Kenya...not because I don't want to, just because it would be easier to stay here.

Tonight, all of that thinking went out the window...
It was as if Francis had been having a one-on-one conversation with me.

He spoke about being a luke-warm Christian...and how we need to make a choice to be hot.

He spoke about being in season 4 of a TV show, when we already know there will be a season 5 in heaven...so we should not worry about dying (there really couldn't be a better analogy for me, right?)

He spoke about giving God our left-overs; that we spend all day doing what we want to do and then, as we lay down to sleep, remember to pray to ask God for the things we didn't get today...throwing him the chicken bones after we've eaten the meat all day...

His closing prayer is what stuck out most to me:
I pray that these students would not waste their lives going after the American dream, but instead they would...

I don't remember the end of that sentence because I was so struck by the beginning...
pursuing the American dream...

I keep thinking (wondering, worrying) about what life looks like when I move home:
*How long can I play the "just moved back" card before I have to get a job?
*Should I go back to school?
*Where will I live?
*How long will I live there?
*Will everyone be married or dating and I'll be the lone "just back in town" single girl?

Wow...clearly I am living with the American dream in mind.
So, hopefully that prayer covers me (though I'm not a student)...
I would love to get to a place in which I am no longer preoccupied by the American Dream.
How does that happen?

I am going to grab a copy of tonight's message and re-listen to it...once I process more, I'm sure I'll write about it.


Michelle said...

It happens by going....bless you!

Jessica Torres said...

Aw man...I really couldn't agree more with you. I'm praying for you...I know that God will show you what dream He has for you. And I'm sure you'll spend your time pursuing that.