04 May 2015

I'm Moving To Kenya(!!!)

I am moving to Kenya.

It feels so great to say that! (I've been waiting until the proper people had been told in-person (parents, landlords, small group girls), before I could shout it from the technological rooftops...but here it is!) 

I'm moving to Kenya...

To pursue the calling God gave me a few years ago: to help END human trafficking on the continent of Africa. This may sound like a huge task...and it is...but God has recently given me a few very specific next steps, the first of which is moving to Kenya.


To be with single moms (like the beauties above) in the slums around the town of Kitale, Kenya. Many of these women struggle to support their families and turn to prostitution to make ends meet. They are highly susceptible to the empty promises made by human traffickers due to a combination of poor education and desperation for a better life for themselves and their children.

My heart is to help restore their dignity, and remind them (and the surrounding communities that have sidelined, marginalized, forgotten about them) of their true identity and amazing potential to contribute to and participate in society.


By building personal relationships with these women, connecting them with local churches and strong, passionate female leaders in their communities who will coach them to better care for their children, for the hygiene of their homes, and to avoid the attractive, yet dangerous, offers of potential traffickers.

I'm also planning to go back to school (yes, in Kitale!) to pursue a master's degree in Counseling Psychology, in hopes of developing more tools to help bring healing and restoration to those who have faced trauma.


I'm planning to leave June 18th. I know--that's so soon! At this point, I'm planning to come back for Christmas, to see my family, reflect on the first six months and reassess. If all goes well, I will return to Kenya for the whole of 2016 and then reassess every December. (But in the one-step-at-a-time way God has been revealing things, I'm holding this plan very loosely.)

I would love for you to be part of this trip in one (or more) of three ways:

Pray: Pray that I would follow God's timing--that I wouldn't rush what He's doing, nor drag my feet in fear. I want, so badly, for Him to map-out a 5-year plan...and yet He is consistently showing me 'the next right step.' Please pray that I trust each step and believe that, one-by-one they will lead to the eradication of modern day slavery in Africa. And join me in praying for freedom for those enslaved. And for the softening of the hearts of those who currently believe it acceptable for humans to be bought and sold.

Give: There are many expenses that come with an international move...and with the start of a new ministry. This money will go toward flights, housing, food and water, and ministry projects. (My dad has, graciously, agreed to pay for my schooling.) I am hoping to have the majority of my funds raised by June 1st. Would you consider giving (one time or monthly) to this new, exciting, adventure? You can give easily by visiting this page: www.gofundme.com/allihibb 

Visit: Come on over! There's a bunk-bed with your name on it. I'd love to take you around the town and introduce you to all of my friends...seriously!

Thank you, so much, for reading this...for being a part of my support system...for helping me to follow this amazing (and, at times, overwhelming) dream God has placed on my heart. (Feel free to share the link to this blog--or my gofundme page--with friends, family members and coworkers whom you think may be interested in joining this fight!) and please continue to follow along with this expedition here.

Love. Love. Love.

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carson leith said...

happy for you! go get em!