12 March 2015

Tangible Moments of Childhood

For each of the big mile-marker birthdays in the last decade of my life, I have made a list of things I'm hoping to accomplish before that birthday hits: 25 by 25, 30 by 30, and now 35 by 35.

One of the items on my 35 by 35, is "Create tangible moments of childhood for children who have had to grow up too fast."

 Over the years of trips here in Kenya, I've met a lot of people who have missed out on what a childhood could (should) be based on their home, family, or community situation.

 I have also watched as teams have come and given a reprieve from that heavy reality with bottles of bubbles, arts and crafts, and, my favorite, slip-n-slides.

 I remember teaching a kid, who was maybe eight?, how to use a glue stick...I remember the look of excitement and shock in her eyes as one paper stuck to the other. It was like...magic!

And those are the kind of moments I would hope to create for others...forever, really, but definitely in the years that stand between now and 35.

Moments like rocking LaQuee to sleep:

Moments like painting the finger/toenails of everyone in the house...including Lillian's:

Moments like last night, when I had about an hour's-worth (on and off) of chatter, using my hand as a phone, with 3-year old Moses, who was over-the-moon each time I answered the phone with an excited, "oh, hi Moses! How are you?!"
But, I have to tell you, I reeeaaaallly hope to run a slip-n-slide (or two) someday...because nothing can compare to that joy! {Photo from February 2009}


Julie Hibbard said...

I love this so much!! YOU are such a gift to me...and OBVIOUSLY to SO many others! I love you!

emily said...

Love this!!!