15 July 2011

Oh Happy Day

Thursday was an exciting day in Kitale.
We walked to Oasis with a group of friends and, since there was a teacher in every classroom, we were able to sit in the office for a bit and get to know each other.
Once it was time for break, we all went out to hang around, play games and take pictures.
Dylan and his boys
Jade, Emily and Torie

Matt was hanging out with Korode

I spent some time with the "bigger boys" who live at the Centre

Kabiru, Charles and P.I.G.
Michael too

We said our goodbyes and went home for lunch. Everyone was home, so it was an eventful hour or so. Doug Fields and his friend, Morgan, came in to town, so we talked for a bit...and then Geoffrey came to pick us up to go shopping in town.

We picked Charlotte from school and, after a few minutes, she even wanted to sit with us in the backseat.
We stopped by the GigaByte for some milkshakes

We couldn't stop watching Charlotte; she was so cute...and such a mess!
After spending quite a bit of money in town, (for a party we're throwing tonight--pictures to come!) we went for a dinner party with Mr and Mrs. 2000. (They own the bookshop in town.)

Mrs. 2000 (Deepah) said she made the food "not so spicy" for us since she knows "you people don't like that". I helped cut some vegetables for side dishes.
We had to take a few pictures of the kitchen
And the INCREDIBLY organized pantry. He said, "If town closed down, we would be okay for two months!"
We were really excited
The food was a little too spicy for our baby mouths, but they added a little lemon to help us out. They even served roasted ground nuts and ice cream for dessert.

Pradip, Me, Ryanne and Deepah
We came home to a houseful of people, but I was a little too tired to really engage.
Instead, I loaded some photos and listened as Ryanne and Cody talked with Matt and Michelle.
We're having a lot of fun, but not getting much sleep, so I was in bed and totally asleep by 10:15.

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