28 October 2010

It Really Is A Very Small World

Yesterday, while sitting in a planning meeting for Kenya 2011 (!!), Christian (a Kenyan who works in Outreach at Mariners) and I sang part of the Kenyan National Anthem (I only know the words to the first few lines).

After the meeting ended, David (a Ugandan man who is interning in Outreach) asked how long I'd been in Kenya and where I'd stayed.

When I said, "Kitale", he said "Oh, that's where my wife comes from."

I said, "Really?! I love Kitale!"

He said, "Yes, her first church was there...Deliverance Church. With Pastor Moses."

What a really, really small world...

1 comment:

Julie Hibbard said...

oh wow! I love all the little gifts of encouragement that God always seems to show you.