10 July 2010

Shall We Call This A Lesson Learned...

I woke-up super early this morning to have a little time alone with my thoughts (and alone with the internet). Sometimes I can race through a week and forget to stop and think about all that God has taught me. Last night, as we came home from the boys house, I was realizing that I needed to get some of this out of my brain, so I don't lose it. Not all of these lessons are revelations, possibly just deeper steps to those I've learned for years.

Lessons I've Learned This Week:
  • God is so big: big enough to understand, not only every language, but hundreds of people praying in various languages simultaneously.
  • When I look for Jesus, I can see His face all around me
  • I like Chris Wohlers so much more than he likes me (to which he responds, "you like me more than I like anyone in the entire world...I'm incapable of liking anyone that much...maybe there's something wrong with me.")
  • Watching someone love the children you love is an indescribable feeling
  • I don't know what my next step is, but I know it is not the internship at Mavuno (more on that later)
  • Once the clock strikes midnight, I'm climbing in bed, no matter how dirty my feet are
  • I love being both the entertained and the entertainer
God is so good.
How is it possible that I can overlook that sometimes?


Julie Hibbard said...

I love that I can picture exactly where you are sitting in that kitchen at Steve's...hoping for internet!

I think watching someone love ANYTHING as much as you love it is one of the best treats on the planet.

Was waiting on the internship info--good to know an answer there.

Dirty feet...ugh...you can tell Sunny that one when you get home. I make her scrub her feet every time before she gets in my bed!

God is good
Life is good!

I think the BEST thing in life is being able to say (and really feel), "THERE IS NO WHERE ON EARTH I'D RATHER BE THAN RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW."
The second best thing is knowing that your kids are saying and really feeling and it about their own life!

Love you so much
So glad you have another full week!

Mama Oasis said...

Just....I love you. That's all.

Oh yeah....and I love that you love the ones I love too.