06 November 2009

Just Enjoy The Show

We had a full day yesterday...

It began at the ASK {Agricultural Society of Kenya} North Rift Valley Show. It is very much like the farm part of the Orange County Fair. This was not my first time to visit The Show. We walked through displays of "best farming techniques", pens filled with animals {pigs, goats, cows--though, remarkably, it is not a petting zoo-feel}, and many, many different labeled crops.

Anytime you take over 100 kids to a gigantic public event, you will end the day with an incredible amount of pictures. Our internet is running slowly this morning, so I can't get them to load here. Instead, HERE is a link to my facebook album...60 of my favorite pictures from the day.

After the show, we headed over to Purpose Driven Academy for their Prayer Day. Oasis has one Class 8 boy there: Kevin Wanjala {affectionately known as K Wanjals.} It was meant to begin at 10am, so we were nervous that we had missed it when we showed up at 1pm. Thankfully, it was still in full-effect. We sat in the back and, when it ended at 3, we pretended that we had been there the entire time.

We saw most of the Oasis students, who are very ready for school to release for their Christmas break. They will spend this week at home, while the Class 8 students take their KCPE and everyone returns Friday to watch graduation and close the school for the year.

We ended the night with dinner at House 3. We arrived in time to take-over chapati rolling and cooking. I sat down and began to roll chapati for 13 people. Bre tried her hand at "firing" on the jiko. In the end, she got the hang of it and her chapati were delicious. {Jordan's were a little burned, but still pretty tasty, too}.

Some of the Boarding School kids sponsored through Oasis do not have families to go home to during school breaks. So, thankfully, these students are split-up between the Oasis Group Homes. Last night, Amos {who schools at Kitale Family} arrived for the first night of his stay in House 3. I love to have the "new" kids with us at house dinners. Now that we have done these dinners so often, the house boys are so comfortable and real...it gives boys like Amos the freedom to jump in and be real as well. Check HERE for some pictures of how easily Amos fit in last night. {the last page}


We came home and looked through the almost 300 pictures from the day. We laughed at the different stories from The Show and talked about how much we love House dinners.

I love my life in Orange County...really, I do.
But sitting in that kitchen last night, giving Kamau a big zerbert on his cheek, I couldn't help but long {even just for a moment} for this to be my everyday life.

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