20 November 2009

The Final Countdown

It's 5am and I am awake. This could have something to do with my having gone to bed at 9:30pm...Oh well. I'll use this time to catch up on some stories.

We left Kitale Monday morning. Initially, we thought our flight was at 10, so we told the Class 8 boys they could come over at 8 and we'd leave at 9. Then we realized our flight was at 11...so the boys came over, watched a movie and Bre cooked them breakfast. They looked through pictures and watched videos of themselves from the trip...it was a very fun morning.

We got to the Kitale airstrip and were informed that the plane was delayed "by about an hour". So we waited. Dan {our taxi driver} ran in to town to pick-up more customers, leaving the boys to spend time with us...sweet Dan.

Dan, Stone, Martin and JustusBre and Dan {who insists Bre is a better dancer than I am}
Martin and Stone
And so we waited. And waited. Our originally-scheduled-for-11:15 flight showed up at almost 1:30. Bre and I were happy to spend that time with these boys instead of sitting for a few more hours in the Nairobi airport.

At some point the boys asked if we had any "American shillings" that they could see. So we took out one of each coin and talked about the value in relation to each other. Then I pulled out one of each bill I had {a $1, a $20 and, remarkably, a $50--which I don't think I've ever had before}

Then, while putting the money away, we found my sunglasses. Why hadn't we used these as a photo prop before?

Stone with my glasses and Bre's wheeling bag
Martin took about 14 pictures of himself in these glasses {I kept 5 of them}

I'm not totally ready to detach from this world...but I'm not sure I will ever be ready to do so.

I love Kitale. I love the kids we work with. I love the adults we have built friendships with.

I love that, this time, it was easy to tell people I would be back...and they believed me.

Can't wait to go home again...hopefully soon.