03 April 2009

ET Phone Home

Last night, as I was falling asleep, I decided that I would call Kitale when I got to work this morning.

It took me a few minutes to figure out how to call from here...which is funny...finally, with the help of Ryanne and Jaime, it worked!

Robert answered the phone and was very excited to talk and then pass the phone to each of the 6 boys in House 2.

I spoke first to Stone...We talked about Math and English (actually each of the boys said this to me). Stone and I talked more than the other boys...he's just such a talker...but, he did tell me, he found my iPod...and he's going to try to get it back to me! At one point I said, "Oh, I miss you so much!" and he responded with, "Even me...it is so good to hear your sound!"

This is when I knew I would need a piece of paper to write down all of the sweet things they would say.

I could hear Steward laughing in the background...so he was next on the phone. He told me that Bushuru misses me very much (I couldn't help but laugh LOUDLY), so he said, "I have missed your fun!" He also said, "Remember when I asked you to find me an American girlfriend...have you found her?"

Then Moses who, among other things, asked me to bring more of "those sweet, sweet, small, sweet things you brought before?" Allow me to translate: he's talking about marshmallows. Moses said, "Tell me the story about when you got home." I said, my mom picked me up, I had dinner with my dad and then cookies with some friends...and he interrupted with, "Do you show them pictures of us and tell them our names?" I said, "Of course I do...I talk about you everyday...and I printed about 250 pictures to hang in my room." He said, "Oh, that's good...okay, continue." I said, "You are so cute!" He said, "You love to say cute, cute...say you're so rad, bwana!"

I got a little misty-eyed saying goodbye to Moses and anticipating talking to Martin next.
Oh, Martin...he's brilliant. Telling me he's top in his class...and then saying "John came home from boarding school with many excuses: they don't give sugar with tea, the tea is too hot..." I can just see Martin shaking his head at John. He also said, "We are just waiting for you to come back." I asked him to please say hello to the other three houses...and tell them I love them very much.

John was next on the phone...his English is the poorest in the house, but he did hang in long enough to tell me about school, agree to greet the other Purpose Driven kids, and tell me he loves me...that was plenty!

Joseph was the last to get on the phone...and his little voice was sleepy, but I could not get over how great his English is! I told him, "Wow...your English is so good!" And he said, "Thank you, but you know, I need help with Math and Composition..." I told him I will be there soon...because I miss them too much to stay away for too long...he said, "Good. I'm just happy to hear your voice again." I can't even explain how much I love that. I asked him if he's playing football lately, he said, "Sometimes at Oasis, but not too much"...I asked him to tell the older boys (P.I.G, Etau, Collins that I say hello...)

I wish I had kept tally, because so many of the boys asked me to greet my mother, father and brother...to tell my friends hello...they ALL asked about Lydia and Daina...and each of them asked when we were all coming back to Kitale...

After a conversation like this one, I am counting down the days...

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Julie Hibbard said...

SO SO SO fun!!! I kept their message on my phone for a month and listened to it over and over and over. "HI MAMA!" So cute!
I am really glad you caught so many of them. No doubt they were thrilled to hear from you!!!