13 February 2009

Oasis Meets Tumaini

On Wednesday afternoon, Steve met with Geoffrey from Oasis of Hope and Eliud from Tumaini to talk about bringing some boys off the street (and out of the Oasis Centre) and putting them in to Tumaini Orphanage.

5 boys were chosen!

Brian Lazarus
James, Moses and Morgan
They came to dinner at Kitale Club that night so Steve could tell us about the plan and so we could pray for the boys. Two boys that currently live at Tumaini came to dinner as well so they could share what it is like to live at Tumaini...

I love these Oasis boys and I'm so glad they will be removed from their current situations and put in a loving, fun place. Jana prayed for them as we closed the night...she began to cry a bit thanking God for His provision...which, of course, brought a few tears to the mothers in the group.

What a blessing to be a part of this story.

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