14 February 2009

My Last Day At Oasis

Yesterday, I had to say goodbye to the Oasis kids.

When we got to here (theirs is the blue gate) I began to cry...We walked in to the new classrooms...and I cried some more...these smiley faces, these beautiful hearts...
George and another Collins
P.I.G, Collins and Etau...three of the kindest 17-year-old street boys ever
A bunch of boys hanging out during break...
The staff sitting proud out front of their new site
I was finishing some office work and heard, "Alice! Alice" and turned around to see this...
I came in after break to find this...It was time to say goodbye The kids wrote me some cards and drew some pictures...here is a sample letter...dozens wrote this verbatim...cute.
They all sat in the giant hall

As I wept and said goodbye (for now)
Then Jennifer presented me with the cards from the kids
And we went outside to take one of the first photos taken outside of the new centre!

Wow...what a rough day...what a beautiful day...but a very tear-filled day...

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