26 February 2009

Dream A Little Dream Of Me

I had a dream that I was running around out front of Oasis...

I was chasing kids, catching them so I could kiss their faces or tickle them and set them back down to continue the chase.

I knew the faces of the small kids I was chasing...faces I love...faces I miss.

In my dream, I stopped chasing for a minute to smile, to laugh, and then to say, out loud, "God, I love this place...why would I ever want to leave?"

I woke up with a mixture of sadness and joy: sadness at not being at Oasis today, running, laughing and loving with those kids...but joy at the thought of talking about them, remembering them, and working to rejoin them very, very soon.


Mama Oasis said...


Adri said...

Hi Allison!

I saw you today at the office asking if you had any Kenya pics. Hi!! I haven't properly introduced myself.
My name is Adriana.

I love the pictures. It's great to see so many unknown smiling faces.
And you're also a phenomenal writer. I don't know if you tried to on purpose, but your intro to the blog was great! (I'm not in the habit of reading blogs, so I wouldn't know. Can you tell? ;D)

I'm glad you enjoyed Kenya. I hope God enlightened and touched your heart in bigger ways than you thought possible.

Nice meeting you,