28 January 2009

Here's A Question For Ya...

I got an email yesterday from one of my best friends. She said she's been thinking about my return home and is full of questions...

I know you will hang out with me...do you have any idea who else you will hang out with?

Do you think you will come into the office?

Do you think you will want to be alone?

How long do you think it will take you to adjust to the time difference?

Do you think you will be sick, because our food is so rich?

Do you remember what it is like to drive?

Do you think you will want to watch hours of TV?

Do you think there are people you haven't talked to at all in the last six months that you will just fall right back into hanging out with?

It is so odd to me that you are coming home, but it isn’t really home. Does it feel different than it did when you came home from London?

I spent the afternoon thinking about the answers to these questions...It was so nice to process through some things...and nice that some people will know how I'm feeling when I come back...(though I know I have a few friends that know me so well I won't have to speak and they will know what I'm thinking...and this actually includes the one that wrote this email)

Daina cried all day yesterday...I tried my best to stay strong so we didn't just sob all afternoon and night...but I guarantee it won't get any easier from here...

Oh man...how is it possible that coming home feels more difficult than leaving home?


Anonymous said...

oh allison,
i am feeling for you and the billions questions you are asking yourself on top of all those really good questions that your friend is asking you. i looked through your photos today and still got a knot in my stomach just thinking about kitale. a good knot, an emotional knot, a knot of admiration for you, if you will. i look forward to hearing how you process the next coming weeks and what steps you decide to take next. i hope that you're still in la in september for our sake.
much love,
becca x

Julie Hibbard said...

Good questions. I thought about you driving again too! And, I figured your car would take you directly to Starbucks or Nordstrom...yeah, it will all come back to you.
Seems like a LONG time to me. I am glad you will be around the corner again soon.
What stories you will have to tell...
and what a legacy you have left for those people of Kitale who will, no doubt, NEVER forget you.
So proud of you,

Mama Oasis said...

oh yeah...I hear you...I get it. It sucks.

Suefalla said...

I'm sure you are super excited to see me!! (I could imagine that I'm on your top 10 list ;-)