05 January 2009

Here We Come...Walking Down The Street...

On Thursday, as we walked the kids from the pool to the car, we came across a whole troop of monkeys. (That's actually what the group is called...I didn't know that...)

I've seen quite a few monkeys in my day, but none so National-Geographic-feeling.

Eating bananasIn the tree (also eating bananas)
This is my favorite. I wish my camera had a better zoom...but this baby is feeding...can you see the mother's nipple stretched? As Steve would say: "That has to hurt!" But the mom was walking on all fours and the baby was just holding on to her belly...it was very cute.
Richard watched as I took pictures and then said, "You must have a picture of me...the Grandpa Monkey!" Cute old man...

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Julie Hibbard said...

You don't see that in Rancho Santa Margarita!!!

Great title again!!! You are brilliant