12 December 2008

House 1, 2, House 1, 2...

Chris leaves in 4 days...so we've been making the rounds to say his goodbyes. Tonight, we had dinner with the House 1 and 2 boys. We arrived to just a few boys, but the crowd filled in as the night went on.

Johnstone showed Chris and Andrew how to work the brand new well.

Sweet Martin
I taught Martin to slow dance...he even learned to twirl and dip. Lydia, I told him you would be impressed if he'd dance with you, too.
Cute Moses
Steward taught me some dance
I did not try this moveThe whole group (at least tonight's group)
I love Lilac. I love to call her "pop, lilac and drop" (oh, her name is pronounced Lee-lock...that's why that's funny)
And BramOh, and Paul
Papa, doesn't this look like a dance you would do? Or Bill Cosby?

What a great, great day in Kitale...I am so exhausted, but so joy-filled...

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PETE Di LALLO said...

You're right!
that guy done stole our stuff!
Pete and Bill C.