12 November 2008

Please Don't Stop The Music

We had dinner with House one and two last night, at house two.
The boys made about 4 dozen chapati and a giant pot of beef (all of the beef was split between these boys...we stuck with chapati).

Before dinner they had a dance party. We joined in a bit, but really enjoyed just watching. (If our internet was a little stronger, I would post a video, but I guess that will have to wait until I'm back in America).

They danced to a mix of songs including "Please Don't Stop the Music", "Glamorous", "Umbrella", "Suavamente" and a few Shakira songs. Their accented voices singing a few words here and there made us laugh, but nothing was more entertaining than the dance moves...skinny teenage boys shaking their hips or trying to do the robot...the videos are littered with our laughter.

They also did the Macarena, and we of course, jumped in.
Matt and Chris learned some new poses:Johnstone was dressed to party:
Evans was dressed like a wizard disguised as a muggle.Katie and Timo
The dinner table for 15
I love Paul
After dinner games and hair-braiding. Doesn't this look like a magazine spread of a cast of a TV show?

And then, of course, the obligatory, after-dinner photo-shoot:


Julie Hibbard said...

A dance chapati!
So so so fun!!! Looks like everybody jumped right in! Love the new dance moves!!
Love you!

Cathi said...

You guys look like you're having so much fun!

Dawn's Travels said...

Allison! Looks awesome!!! Found your blog through Stacie Maslyn's... what fun to read of your life in Kenya. So excited for Julianna to be there in Feb!

D.P. Spain said...

I think that picture looks more like an African's rendition of da Vinici's last supper than anything
One where Judas Iscariot (Chris) is being stamped very overtly, beyond any shadow of a doubt, as the betrayer of our Lord. Which one is our Lord you ask? Clearly whoever has the most facial hair.