03 October 2008


We spent the morning with the kids at Discover to Recover...and then headed over to Purpose Driven Academy to watch Form 1 (the Freshmen) perform a Christmas play that Tanya (our Ukrainian roommate) had taught them.
We sat with a bunch of kids...a few of whom happened to be old Oasis kids...

This is Zachary...The usual "crowd of kids" photo...
Everyone smiling...except for Irene
Shaban...beautiful smile, right?
We talked for a few minutes, but had to run off to dinner at the Oasis Girl's House...

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Mama Oasis said...

I am so happy to see that photo of Shabaan...since the last news on him was that he was at Sister Freda's really sick with malaria. I love that boy and he has such an amazing story.

In general, it looks like Irene, Kevin, Shabaan and hopefully Silas and Ishmael (not shown in your pics) are adjusting well to boarding school life! Yay.

Thanks for being such an ambassador (ambassadress?) of Love for Oasis of Hope!!!!