03 October 2008

I'm On My Way...I Don't Know Where I'm Goin'

Monday morning, we leave for a short trip to Northern Kenya.
We'll be here:Lodwar and Kakuma

When we tell Kenyans that we are headed there, they all say, "Why? Do you know how hot it is?" One guy said, "It's like hell on Earth." It's where quite a few of the street boys are from...they run away from there and come here...it's cooler and more eventful in Kitale Town.

Evidently, no one wears any clothes up there...old men, young women, nobody.
Good news for us because that means we can wear tank tops and shorts...which we haven't been able to do in Kitale! Should make for some interesting photo angles (making sure the pictures are post-able)

All this to say, I will have a post-less week, but then a week's worth of stories to tell...
And there's a long bus ride each way, so I'll be thinking, praying and processing...and I'm sure that will spark some posts...

1 comment:

Julie Hibbard said...

I will be thinking of YOU!!! Wow, that should, indeed, make for some interesting stories, pictures and posts!
Please stay safe. And cool.
Love you