20 October 2008

I Know My Calculus: It Says You + Me= Us

Here are some photos from the Math/English testing yesterday...

The girls: Nancy, Centrine, Winnie (and Martin):Justus, Joseph, Timothy, Elly and Johnstone...
Moses (sitting alone so he could concentrate...and taking home every paper with an example or explanation on it...he said, "This is very important...I will use it to study this week!")
Charles and Bram
Charles and Paul
Justus and Martin finished early, so they took turns with the iPod and Snake.
We worked for about three hours yesterday and then met up again at 10 this morning to continue. We worked very, very hard today for at least 6 hours. They took more tests (Social Studies and Science), and then worked first with sixth grade and then with seventh revising Math questions, working practice problems I was making up, searching the book for formulas, and giving high-fives when the answers were correct.

Daina and Steward made lunch: rice and meat...Chris made sure tests were graded and those who were not testing were kept busy outside so as not to disturb the others...

Cute Moses said his Math scores have already gone up 10 points...hopefully that's true...and hopefully they just keeps climbing...

We left so late that we all walked home in the rain...but I love getting out of my rain-soaked clothes, sitting in pajamas and listening to the rain. (Chris, evidently, loves to sit in a tank top and listen to the rain...)


Mama Oasis said...

You guys are my heroes...truly. I know that the boys and girls that you are helping are not only learning the subjects...they are learning HOW to study, they are learning the value of teamwork and most of all....they are learning how very much you love them! Thank-you from the bottom of my heart!

Julie Hibbard said...

Love the title.
You are my hero too.