16 September 2008

Top Chef: Kitale

We've (please read: Daina) have had some cooking adventures in the last few days:

Sunday: Power-outage means Daina was able to cook hamburgers and french fries with a head-lamp on.
Monday: The gas ran out, so Daina got to cook chicken, rice and corn on a small charcoal stove (called a jiko) on the back porch. (I made chocolate-chip brownies from a box--they were under-cooked, but tasty nonetheless.)Tuesday: Same jiko, different food. Tonight she's making rice and black beans (which have to cook for 5 hours)...oh, and she's cooking in her new sweaterSeriously, I think we would all appreciate a microwave right now...but, it's been really, really tasty food...so that's good.

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