21 September 2008

Today's A Good Day, A Good Day To Praise the Lord**

House 3 was unable to participate in the football game yesterday, so they stopped by our house for a little 3 on 2 today.

After our church service, we went in to town to grocery shop. Chris and I came home with the food and Daina went to Oasis church to see the boys. Our house is on the way to House 3, so the boys walked her home (all but Wycliff). Of course, they wanted to come in for a bit.
We sat in the living room and chatted for a bit, ate some biscuits and then they headed outside for a quick game of football (Chris and Joseph against another Joseph, John and Patrick) and, evidently, some Lodwar-learned gymnastics.This is Joseph...apparently, this kid is a born gymnast
Isaiah was not too into the game...so he played with anything he could find (including a pair of large rain boots...that made for a picture that makes me look like Gulliver):
Of course, the afternoon yielded a ton of photos...
Also, Chris (the team librarian, lent two Goosebumps books to the boys...it will be interesting to hear their take on those stories). We're spending Friday night with these boys! Hopefully we'll hear all about it.

Other highlights from today:
*When the man I was "greeting" in church told me about his upcoming wedding and said, "We mated before marriage, so we want to have a wedding and make things right with God." (The last part of the sentence may be misquoted...I was so caught off-guard by "mated before marriage" that I don't remember the rest of what he said)

*When Ayub told me about the cow having pneumonia and I said, "Are you sure it doesn't have pnue-MOO-nia?" and he said, "No" with a very straight face.

*I am only 96 pages from finishing HP5 (I just finished the scene in the Ministry of Magic--you know, the best part!)

*Teaching Chris to use Google Reader...he's so stoked on it

*Buying "Lady Gay" lotion...speaks for itself

*Spilling a giant cup of coffee on my laptop and still being able to post things perfectly...thank you, Jesus!

**Copyright Encouraging Music**


Julie Hibbard said...

Pnu MOO nia is hilarious!!!!!!!
Spilled coffee on your laptop?! Yikes!
So glad you can still post!!!!!

Mama Oasis said...

That Wycliffe! (aka "DJ Wicky") does tend to be a loner, doesn't he?

I love that photo of the 5 boys. They all look so gangster! Funny, cuz honestly...they are such a bunch of sweethearts!

Hey....FINALLY got an email from G...told me not to worry...because you, Dana and Chris would be compiliing all the info that I asked for! Karibu as my personal slaves! G is the master delegator! One of the signs of a competent exec, I guess! Love you....

Unknown said...

"pnu MOO nia"
that made me chuckle.
and then reading that he answered "no" with a straight face...that just made me laugh out loud.

Leigh Sarti said...

love the **