24 September 2008

Recurring Dream

I have had the same dream (the skeleton is the same, it fleshes out differently) every-other-week since we've been here:

It always starts when I'm at home, in California. And, I can't remember when I came home, but through the dream, I figure it out...and this part is alternating: Steve called when I was in the shower to say that there was fighting and sent a helicopter to pick us up...I forgot something at home and just flew back to pick it up.

So, after figuring out why I'm home, I spend some time with friends...this part alternates too: it's typically Ryanne, Katie and Katie...then my mom shows up at some point...last night it was Bethany and Zack. Oh, and last night it was Christmas...and I had flown home for one week...and then was trying to find a way to get $2000 to fly back to Kenya to get all of the stuff I had left behind.

One thing never changes in the dream. This is the link that ties all of it together. Every time I am home, I recognize that I should take advantage of it...and I go to Starbucks. Sometimes more than once...

Not consistent people I miss, consistent beverages...that's what my subconscious is telling me. I'm not sure I believe it.

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