16 September 2008

Interview With 12 Vampires

Okay...not exactly vampires (though, I wish I had spent the afternoon with Edward Cullen).

We actually spent this afternoon interviewing the Oasis House Boys at their school (Click here for photos). Geoffrey has interviews from each of the boys during their days on the streets, but in effort to update their files, he wrote a new "questionnaire" so we can look at their progress and life-improvement since being transferred from the street to a home.

It was such an amazing afternoon. To hear boy after boy share his story of life from broken families to the streets to Oasis to a group home. Hear them share about the differences from street life and home life. To hear how they plan to aid kids in need once they become responsible adults (answers included: "start another Oasis of Hope", "build schools for them and begin feeding programs" and "give half--or a big part--of my salary to Oasis"). Hear them talk about how Oasis changed their lives...how they wouldn't be where they are without it.

"I used to live on the streets and life was bad...and now we are just like any other kids"

As I sat with them, in their uniform, I was reminded of THIS post from the last time I saw them at school...in February 2007. I remembered returning to America and crying (at least a dozen times) telling people about these amazing boys who were literally unloved, uncared for and now are the hope and future of Kenya.

I can't share my love for these kids enough.
I can't explain my love for and belief in Oasis enough.
Would you like some more information about their organization? Visit here or here or here.

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Mama Oasis said...

All I can say is "Thank-You" and "I love you".