06 September 2008

Indoor Camping

We were invited to a sleep-over last night at Ben and Christine's house.
We were told to only bring pillows and drinking water, and they would provide the rest.
Here's us with our pillows...just waiting to party.Christine made a really, really delicious dinner including chapati (I sang, "If you want chapati and you think I'm sexy...") and fried potatoes.
Oh, and we watched Home Alone 2.
Then we had a camping adventure. They had set-up two beds for us in an upstairs bedroom. They opened new mosquito nets for us...but only one bed had posts to hang it on, so Ben came in and hammered (with a broken piece of a heater) some nails in to the door frame.
Here's our room...one giant two-room tent. It was so, so fun.
Daina and I shared a bed...12 years of friendship and this tiny bed made us real friends.
This morning, when we came downstairs, the boys were playing out front. Check out the unicycle! We had tea, bread and hot pumpkin for breakfast...it was really tasty.
Then, they took us in to town to buy some sweet scarves. We didn't know that all of the kids were coming, too...which just adds to the game of backseat Tetris...here we are...seven in the backseat.
I can't wait to stay there again! It was such a fun night!

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Julie Hibbard said...

FUN FUN FUN!!! "if you want chipati and you think I'm sexy" is even BETTER than 'chipati is a wonderland"!
You are so creative! Love Ben and Christine! Please tell them I said hello!!! And, tell Ben I wish I could send him a hammer!
GREAT photos!!!